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Hwange National Park, the largest in Zimbabwe, is world reknowned for its high concentration and diversity of wildlife and birdlife species.  Ivory Lodge, located in the forestry area on the outskirts of Hwange National Park, offers family friendly safari experiences and is famous for it’s exhilarating up close sightings of the Presidential Elephant Herd.

The Lodge comprises of a Main Thatched dining and lounge area overlooking a guest swimming pool and overlooking a watering hole which is frequented by elephant, predators and a number of plains game species. The rooms themselves are elegantly built on stilted wooden platforms offering elevated views of the open floodplain and watering hole in front of camp, and is considered to be one of the prime family safari offerings in and around Hwange. With 7 en-suite rooms and 2 newly built luxury Suites, the lodge has a total capacity of 18 guests.  Activities include game drives both on the private concession or into the National Park, as well as game viewing from our comfortable hide where one can sit and watch Hwange’s wildlife pass by.

khulu main

Located a short distance from Ivory Lodge is our more private and exclusive offering “Khulu Ivory”, meaning “The Grandfather of Ivory”.Set alongside an ancient river bed on the western sector of Hwange National Park, Khulu’s charm and old world safari elegance has captured the soul of every safari enthusiast.

Comprising of a small and elegant lounge and main area built on wooden decking overlooking it’s own private  waterhole, “Khulu Ivory” offers a peaceful and secluded insight into this exceptional area of Hwange. In addition, the guest splash pool incorporated into the raised decking area is frequently visited by Elephants who drink from the freshly pumped water.  Each room is slightly elevated and the lodging comprises of 6 suites including one honeymoon suite.  Meals are served on an antique railway teak table or by the boma fireside, depending on the weather.  Our after-dinner entertainment is usually great herds of elephant, as well as the rare nocturnal species, sometimes as close as 10 metres from your seat, softly illuminated by the floodlights above the pan.


Welcome to a peaceful wildlife haven

Ivory Lodge, restored and refurbished in 2006, has become a firm favorite for guests visiting Hwange National Park and sits within the key home range of the Presidential Elephant Herd of Zimbabwe.  Our family has been involved in Ivory Lodge since it was built over 30 years ago and in 2013, we opened a more secluded offering called Khulu Ivory allowing for private and exclusive safari experience for our guests.


Khulu Ivory  {Grandfather of Ivory} otherwise known as Ceddy, was the brain child of this incredibly special lodge. Whilst walking slowly down the old river bed from Ivory Lodge one morning;  he took stock under the shade of a teak tree to swot mopani flies, whilst reminiscing of his childhood days, growing up on his fathers farm alongside his friends who spent hours teaching him to track the giants of Africa, an ancestral tradition.  Broken hearted at the loss of his farm, he drew inspiration from his memories to create and design a refuge for those in search of peace. It was at this very spot where he paused that Khulu Ivory was born, to join the coterie of stars in the Amalinda Collection.

Ceddy now frequents this haven of tranquility to constantly feed his soul and our only hope and wish is that you too will benefit from the solace and will be one of the lucky ones that will enjoy his fireside songs and tales of days gone by.

His legacy lives on….

Leopard hwange


Hwange National Park and its surroundings offer wonderful opportunities to see the Big 5 as well as the less common creatures such as African Wild Cat, White-Tailed Mongoose and Bat-eared Fox. Plains game such as impala, kudu, eland, bushbuck and waterbuck are commonly sighted in great number. The park is also famous for its amazing sightings of carnivore – these include lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and hyena. Birds of prey are commonly seen as well as well as over 300 other species. Hwange is however most famous for its great herds of elephant and buffalo, often sighted in numbers well over 200 at a time. Sightings are good all year round but May – November is when the bush is sparse and dry and game is easier to spot.


There is a pulse that runs in your veins, heightened only by a super charged wildlife experience found right here in Hwange. Hwange National Park and its surroundings offer you the game viewing of a lifetime, in and out of camp. Activities at Ivory and Khulu include: walking Safaris: approaching big herds and cats, this is an exciting chance to get up close and personal to the small and large creatures of the park. Game drives: allow long distances to be covered and different vegetation and habitats to be experienced as well as a plethora of game – guests can find themselves amongst a breeding herd of elephants or observing a pride of lions. Activities last between 2 to 5 hours. Our experienced safari guides advise guests the best times to be in the bush, depending on the time of year.


For most of the year, Hwange’s temperatures are above 30*Celsius – so building the lodges above the ground served 2 purposes, the first is for enhanced game viewing and safety aspect and the second is to keep you cool in the hot, dry months and above the frosty ground in the 3 short winter months. Each elevated room is between 1 metre and 5 metres above ground, all offering a unique view of the private waterholes. Lying in bed and being at elephant eye height is quite appropriate we thought! In addition, each room is en suite, some with large bathtubs and all with spacious showers running hot and cold water. Each unit also has a deck with chairs so one can sit and enjoy sundowners in the privacy of ones room.

The Staff

The Amalinda Collection prides itself on employing and training staff from the local communities. We employ locally for all our ground staff and train and elevate the best in our brigade all the way up to Managerial level. We believe that service is of upmost importance and all employed at our properties are highly trained in areas of hospitality and excellent service. It is a commonly known fact that the people of Zimbabwe are amongst the most hospitable in the world… After 100 years of being on the forefront of safari and tourism in Africa, Zimbabwe’s people have developed into a nation of humble, generous and gracious persons with a nature that exudes warmth. The smiles that our guests encounter, leave an imprint on their hearts forever.

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