Blogging by Barnaby


A story of a baby buffalo at Ivory Lodge – Episode 1

I don’t remember much of my early days.  It’s all a Barnaby blur.  I was born when it was wet and the grass was green and soft. I have little recollection of my Mommy, I followed her everywhere but I know she was always busy as she was always with the other Mommys – I think it was a buffalo book club or something similar.  Then there was a huge ruckus – everyone in the club was running and making a noise and my Mom disappeared in the dust.  I heard her shouting at a strange gold animal with a crazy hairdo and big teeth.  They were fighting and then they disappeared into the bush.  It must have been a very heated argument because she never came back.  All I remember is that I was so hungry and a bit scared.  So I wandered into a strange forest of square high trees and tall two-legged animals that had strange fur of all colours and who clearly were not buffalo soldiers.  They loved me and stroked me and made such a fuss but the best thing was a weird udder of milk.  Not quite my mom’s milk, but delicious and warm. I was so tired and somehow I knew that I could sleep safe and warm.  Could this be my new herd? I will tell you more when I wake up and I have had another slurp of milk ………