Peter & the Presidential Elephants


Ivory Lodge is fortunate to be within the home-range of the unique clan of elephants known as The Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe. This is Zimbabwe’s flagship herd; over 300 wild, free-roaming elephants that were, in the late 1990’s unusually habituated by the famous Alan Elliot to the presence of our game-drive vehicles. The Ivory Pan is one of their particularly favourite play-grounds. Whilst on an Ivory game-drive, you’re also likely to encounter these trusting giants and experience the special magic of being amongst extraordinarily calm, wild elephants in unfenced wilderness areas.

If you have a special interest in elephants, and would cherish the chance of close-up encounters, please make your request to have Peter be your guide at the time of booking your accommodation to ensure he is available.  Peter, our guide, is resident at Ivory but does have to go off to see his family from time to time.  At least 2 afternoon drives are necessary to enable a good chance to have a wonderful encounter with these exceptional animals, remembering too that Ivory Lodge is in a true wilderness area where all animals roam freely.