Of Ivory colored lions…

We’d like to pay tribute to the people who live to protect and document the lions of Hwange – The Lion Researchers, who also do great work with de-snaring all other animals in this area.  Your work may be tiresome and sometimes heart wrenching but we applaud your every effort.  So on behalf of  our team and guests who travel here from around the world to photograph these ivory colored beauties, we thank you.

A pride of 6 lions visited us this week, killing 2 buffalo at the Ivory pan within 3 hours of each other.  Guests were awoken at 5.15 and looked out from their snug tree-houses to watch the king of beasts in action.  Then, at 7.30 am they killed again…… they returned to their feast later that night, much to the excitement of our in-house guests.

Thanks to our Managers, Karen & Adam, for the photos {25th July 2011}