Ivory Lodge Team

Ivory Lodge General Manager – Joel Kasunungure


Introducing our Ivory Lodge Manager Joel Kasunungure. Originally from the Mashonaland region of Zimbabwe, Joel has been with The Amalinda Collection for over 5 years and his ambitious nature has allowed him to work his way up through the positions of  procurement, transfer driver, relief manager and finally having proved himself to have all the necessary experience, skills and characteristics to be at management level. Joel is an exceptionally loyal, passionate and driven man and we are so proud to have him on board as the General Manager of Ivory Lodge. His leadership qualities are exemplary and his passion for Zimbabwe, Hwange, it’s people and it’s wildlife is contagious.

Assistant Manager -Jaimie-Lee Holtzhausen


Introducing our Assistant Manager Jaimie, a passionate Zimbabwean born young lady who has had a deep love affair with wildlife for as long as she can remember. Having completed her Diploma in Hospitality Operations at the International Hotel School in South Africa, Jaimie joined our team in August 2014 and has not looked back since. She brings with her a delicate feminine touch with an incredible eye for, and attention to detail. Her friendly, welcoming nature allows our guests to immediately feel at home. Jaimie has a great interest in photography and what better place than Ivory Lodge to be able to indulge in her favourite hobby.

Our Dedicated Waitering Team and Bar Staff

In 2012, Jameson started his career at Ivory Lodge as back of house staff and has since worked his way up to being head waiter. He is incredibly at ease around our guests, reliable and just like “Jameson whisky”  – he is smooth in all he does and thrives under pressure.

Christine began her career with us in 2006 and has worked her way up to head of house-keeping, before moving across to front of house as one of our waitresses and bar staff. Christine is always in high spirits and eager to share stories and laughter with our guests. She enjoys a challenge and loves to learn about other peoples life experiences.

Our highly acclaimed Team of Chefs – Adriana, Washington & Clayford

Adriana started at Ivory Lodge in June 2016. Having been a chef for 8 years, Adriana has a class 1 Journeyman Cook Higher National Diploma, and has worked in some very well known establishments across Southern African. Being the ambitious and dedicated Chef that she is, Adrianna now with a petite cafe of her own. Her speciality is pastry and she guarantees a tasty treat at any time of the day during throughout your stay.

Washington re-joined the Ivory team in July 2016 after working in some renowned establishments in Zimbabwe. His experience as a chef is outstanding and having had 18 years at various establishments including Wilderness Safaris, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and passion for the food he produces. Washington is a key player in our Amalinda Collection Team and the exceptional meals created at Ivory Lodge.

Clayford is Ivory’s kitchen-hand and is a vital member of our Cheffing Team. Aptly known around the lodge as “Banana”, he is consistently on hand to assist our chefs in ensuring the finer details of service are taken care of and that meals are elegantly plated. You can always find Banana cracking a joke and keeping our team in high spirits.

Join our Team at Ivory Lodge for an incredible experience of Hwange that will leave you longing to return back to your “home away from home”!