Khulu Lodge Team

General Manager – Neill MacGregor

Introducing Neill MacGregor, our General Manager at Khulu Ivory. Born in Zimbabwe, Neill grew up on a farm and from an early age developed a deep love and appreciation for wildlife, landscapes and the outdoors. Having completed his schooling, Neill immediately went out into the world to develop his career in Conservation and Tourism, working his way up at various lodges to become our General Manager at Khulu. He has assisted in developing the Mother Africa Anti-Poaching Unit, training and motivating these dedicated wildlife warriors, and his passion and yearning to contribute to Zimbabwe’s conservation is expressed in his incredible photographs of both the landscape and wildlife. Neill’s love of photography and his sociable nature allows for interesting engagement as he brings with him some fresh ideas to these enthusiasts and shares his passion and knowledge of our beautiful country with our guests. Neill is also currently studying to become a Zimbabwean Professional Guide.

Professional Guide – Dardley


Introducing our Professional Guide, Dardley Tarafuka. With an outstanding track record of guiding for 23 years, Dardley Tarafuka has become world re-knowned and is a valued member of the Khulu Ivory family and continues to wow guests with his in-depth knowledge of Zimbabwe and in particular Hwange National Park. His deep passion for wildlife and the eco-systems of this incredible country is contagious and guests are continually in awe of the insight he provides of the history of Hwange and Zimbabwe as a whole. Dardley’s experience as a guide extends to other countries including Zambia, but his deep love is for Zimbabwe, it’s people, it’s landscapes and it’s wildlife. Dardley has been an examiner of the ZPHGA association and continues to mentor and train upcoming guides in the field.

Khulu Butler – Nkosana

Introducing our much loved “Butler”, Nkosana Mpofu. Nkosana, meaning “Prince,” could not be a more befitting name for this vibrant personality who ensures you feel like “royalty on safari”. He is the epitomy of a true Zimbabwean…. passionate about his country, it’s culture and it’s wildlife and eager to welcome any guest with a smile to share the experience of all that this magical country has to offer. Local to the area, Nkosana has a deep understanding of both Hwange and the country’s history, as well as that of the local communities. ‘It’s always a pleasure” is a common phrase you will hear and is in line with, not only the Matabele custom, but the unique attribute that our wonderful prince, “Nkosana”, has… to make every guest feel like they are, not only part of the family, but the most important member of the Khulu Ivory Tribe.

Khulu Chef – Gracious


Introducing our Professional Chef, Gracious Ncube. At Khulu Ivory we believe that a large part of any African safari experience is about your culinary adventure. Our highly acclaimed Chef “Grace” has spent many hours in the kitchen in order to get this right. Having trained at Bulawayo PolyTech, her speciality is deserts, but she’s a natural foody who can serve up any delicious cuisine and is continually researching for new recipes and ideas on how to better present her meals. Food is her passion and it shows in the delights she serves to our guests. Her name could not be more suited to her personality and presentation… Grace is Hwange’s cuisine star! Bon appetite!

We look forward to welcoming you to our exclusive Khulu Experience and sharing this unique part of Hwange with you!